Spartan Warrior Workout

The Spartan Warrior Workout is not for the beginner though it has a beginner routine in it. As an individual who regularly trains and runs endurance races I found the workouts to be challenging and exhausting. This workout routine is designed to train you to take the Spartan fitness test used for the movie 300.

The positives: I finished the fit test after two weeks of training in 24 minutes. The book has workout programs outlined and pictures of all the exercises.

The negatives: Unfortunately I have quite a few negatives about this workout routine.

The book outlines the workouts which are good, but they are also confusing and it took two of us arguing to come to an agreement about some of the workouts.

Due to my past training I jumped into program 2, series 3 which is the hardest. On each training day I walked away sweaty and exhausted, but able to complete the workout, in fact some of the workouts I added toughness or speed to make them harder. The negative though is there are zero rest days worked into the program until right before test day.

For most workouts this would mean that different body parts were worked on different days. Not so with this workout, kettle bell clean and presses were done 3 days in a row, as an example. Often the workouts hit the same body parts to the point of over-training.

The author does point out that you may not be able to complete all days and rest may be needed. My thought is if you as an author and a trainer know this then why create a program that creates the following: over-training of muscle groups, fatigue, loss of appetite, loss of sleep and not wanting to work out the next day.

About 3 days into the workout I plainly stated that this type of routine does not make sense for long term fitness benefits, but probably works for short term.

I completed 14 days straight of the Spartan warrior workout, took the test and scored 24 minutes. After this I chose not to continue due to loss of muscle mass, strength and all the symptoms of over training.

There are two ways to approach this workout that I may consider in the future. One is to not train everyday but every other day, taking the first 14 days and making a 4 week program. The other method which I am using right now over the next few weeks is to take the Spartan fit test; there are seven exercises and doing the following. Each exercise is done for 2 minutes, trying to reach failure. Rest for two minutes while your training partner does their exercises then moving on to the next. I am doing this every other day with rest in between. I feel better and feel like I am getting stronger.

Finally, I do not recommend this workout as it is designed due to the over fatigue and stress it puts on your body. The only way to do this is to modify it, which defeats the purpose of doing the workout as is.

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