Weeks 7 & 8

Welcome to week 7 & 8 of Phase 1! We’ll be covering everything you need to know about what you need to do for the next two weeks. Just follow the below outline and after two weeks, move onto the next 2 weeks!


Eat at least 1 x bodyweight of protein per day. (Ex: 160 lb person = 160 grams of protein per day)

Protein is a very vital part of any diet. While some sources of protein are better than others, a much more important factor is getting enough protein every day to ensure that your body always has enough to allow your muscles to grow and repair. Simply eat 1 times your bodyweight and you’ll be good to go.

Always remember that you should still be following last week’s nutrition goal. Each week is an addition, not a replacement.


Walk-jog 2 miles 3 times a week. Example (Mon, Wed, Fri)

We’re simply bumping you up another half mile for the next two weeks. Again, if the mileage seems on the low side for you, up your speed instead of upping the mileage at this point.


Week 7: M&G Circuit 100 + 100 (10 reps of each exercise, twice)

Week 8: M&G Circuit 150 + 50 (15 reps of each exercise, then 5 reps of each exercise)

The above video will explain the M&G Circuit if you have forgotten any portion of it.

Skill [optional]

Practice swinging high on a swing, jumping off, and landing on your feet.

Go out to a park, or somewhere that you  know has a swing, and practice jumping off the swing and landing on your feet. At first, it may seem scarey, so start out small. Just swing a little bit and jump off. Then, next time, swing a bit higher. Just keep increasing the height little by little. The whole point is get you used to jumping high and then landing on your feet. While there are no direct challenges that this skill trains you for, overall you’ll gain a much better control of allowing yourself to land on your feet.


Source: google.com via Mud & Guts on Pinterest

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