Getting Started

Phase one is designed for the person who has not worked out in a little while, has fat to lose and/or muscle to gain, but isn’t obese. Read below to find out what the program entails and whether or not it’s suited for you.

Nutrition is key for success, there is a proverb “you cannot outrun a bad diet”. In other words each week you will work towards cleaning up your diet. You are not on a diet, but instead you will be making different lifestyle changes. 80% of your success begins in the kitchen.

Cardio is simple. You will begin jogging (with some walking) each and every day. You will start off with walk-jogging 1 mile 3 days a week. Try to jog as much as possible of the mile as you can, but don’t feel bad if you need to take walks along the way. Just try to get back to jogging whenever you’ve caught your breathe!

Strength is a simple up and down exercise that will be described and demonstrated in detail with video. As you progress you will be able to do these on your own or follow along with the video. Now the exercises may seem “too simple”, that is for a reason. As you start moving with the exercises you will notice that your entire body is engaged. Watch below to get a jump on what you’ll be doing as your strength routine.

Motivation is nothing more than a picture and/or quote designed to keep you focused.

In general, if you follow the program in its entirety you will see results. The key though is to work each area, if you do the strength but ignore the nutrition you may be stronger but you will still have belly fat. Your results are entirely up to you.

First Week