Well, we’ve finally re-launched Mud & Guts with a new and improved website! The old blog we had before is now long gone and we’re very happy about it. Most of the old posts are still there but the look and feel has drastically changed. The new Mud & Guts is leaps and bounds beyond what we’ve done in the past. Lemme update you on a few things.

M&G Phases

M&G was just a blog before but now we’ve added Phases which are 12 week training programs. The goal is to create a set of phases where they lead into each other. So if you finish Phase 0, it should have you prepared to start Phase 1. Same goes for the others. Phase 1 will leave off where Phase 2 begins.

Now, everyone will finish the phases differently. Some will finish them feeling like they barely made it and others will feel like they dominated the phase. For that reason, we always suggest repeating a phase if you had trouble with the last weeks or if you start the next phase and it feels too tough. To get an idea of which phase you should choose to start with, go to our “Start Here” pageĀ and read the descriptions. It should give you some indication.

Just to keep you guys filled in on what we’re planning to work on from this point on, we’re aiming to first enhance and revise Phase 0 and Phase 1 to make sure everything is easy to understand and it runs smoothly. After that, we’re onto Phase 2! Phase 2 will be the first phase to incorporate weights, but that is all I’ll say about it! I’d also like to say thanks to all those who had previously helped beta test some of our programs to show us what was fun, too easy, too hard, etc.

Road to Spartan

spartan-faviconRTS (Road to Spartan) is a new blog we’re starting as well at the same time of the new M&G launch. RTS will cover our journey to the Spartan UltraBeast 2015. We’ll be covering over strength training, running, gear, supplements, other races, etc. It is more for documenting what we are doing as well as to motivate ourselves.

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