M&G Fighter Workout

This workout is specifically designed to get anyone ready to defend themselves. You won’t be Bruce Lee by the end of it, but you should be much better at kicking, punching, and fighting in general. Plus, you will definitely be in a lot better shape than when you start it!


This is best done with a training partner, but can be done solo.

The following needs to be done for each week.

Day 1: Technique day. All kicks or punches are done normal speed in front of a mirror.

Day 2: Speed day. All kicks, punches and or sparring combos need to be done either on a heavy bag, focus mitts, cushion or pillow. You will be making contact, but you are not hitting as hard as you can. (if you do not have a bag or mitts, think like a Marine, improvise)

Day 3: Power day. Same concept as day 2, but hitting with power.

  • This is a great time to get with that friend that bought a bag, wave master or whatever and both you get in shape.

Sparring combos are all demonstrated on the website. Week one you will be doing the same sparring combo each day and the same kicks and punches each day.

Beginners: the conditioning aspect is optional but recommended.

All circuits are designed to be progressive; this means as a beginner you are doing the m/g 100 circuit, which is a total of 100 reps. Week 2 you will move to m/g 200. The kicking and punching is the same way. Sparring combos: these are progressive as well. Week 1 do sparring combo 1 25 times each side. This means jab/cross/kick, 25 times. A total of 75 hits each side. Week 2 you will do sparring combo 1, 25 times and sparring combo 2, 25 times.

The pyramid workout is also progressive. Week 2 you will add 1 to your circuit. The failure parts, attempt to go further than last week.

Here is the link to the Excel document you will need to follow.


Overview/Outline Video:

Monday’s M&G Body Weight Circuit:

Sparring Combination Video:

Friday’s M&G Pyramid Circuit:

Bonus Stretching Video:

Bonus Conditioning Video (for those that wish to add a bit of extra conditioning in):


Limiting bad food is also progressive, on the website there is a list of acceptable foods, generally I follow the 90/10 approach, 90 percent of my food I cook the other 10 could be processed.

Follow the chart on the excel sheet which shows when to limit certain types of food. I do not recommend worrying about calories during this workout. By limiting the soda and junk food and cooking most meals you will probably drop weight, without the workouts.

Rule one: before each meal, drink a glass of water. Take a bite, put the fork down. Eat until you feel full, extra food is put in storage for snacks. Spouses and kids may say more food please, have them drink another glass of water, wait 20 minutes. If they are still hungry then let them have a snack. Most people eat without thinking, this is why we are fat.

Rule two: if you get hungry after 7 pm, find a low cal snack, either pickles, popcorn etc.

Rule three: plan out each meal for the week, go to the store and buy only what you need. You will spend less time in the store, spend less money and all the worthless junk will be left at the store.

Rule four: have fun, eating is supposed to be fun and good for you.

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