Happy Birthday Marine Corps

This is a special birthday post, Happy Birthday Marine Corps. Today, November 10th, celebrates the birthday of the most bad ass fighting force on the planet. With this celebration comes a very special workout program which can be done by itself or in conjunction with another workout. Follow me from November 10th, today, to December 12th. From the Marine Corps birthday to my actual birthday.

432px-USMC_logoCurrently I am following a 5 day split program with weights, no cardio. I am eating relatively clean but am not trying to cut out any body fat or lean down, that is until today. I have decided that in celebration of the two most exciting birthdays in the world, that I would lead and guide anyone that is willing on a fatloss workout.

Today I weighed in at 189. Don’t be shy, get on the scale. Next either use a clock or download a HIIT app for your phone. Program it for 20 seconds on 20 seconds rest. It automatically sets itself for 8 rounds, so this is less than a 5 minute workout. The best exercise with this protocol is either jumping rope or burpees.

Training: Today I did jumping rope.

20 seconds on as fast as I can, then rest for 20 seconds. This will kick your butt. This should be done everyday, if you need a day off, take Sunday off, because on Monday the 17th, the workout gets a little bit harder. A video will be posted in the next few days showing this very simple but effective workout.

Nutrition: Let me be honest, this is really key for fat loss.

I am still drinking coffee, lots of water, no alcohol and no soda of course. I am doing a controlled carb diet again, not cutting out all carbs but limiting it to natural carbs that come with real foods, like fruit and vegetables. Bread is a processed food, as is pasta so cut it out.

If you do need some carbs from rice, do so with your evening meal, and use real rice that is not bleached or processed. Brown rice really isn’t all that good. I will be doing a primarily paleo diet, but with any diet it must be sustainable otherwise it is destined to fail.

Meal Plan:

  • A.M. coffee with protein powder after workout, low carb shake with peanut butter
  • Throughout the day, will eat proteins, such as chicken, turkey, fish or whatever, with as many vegetables that I can eat.
  • Snacks will be almonds or veggies.
  • P.M. dinner will be same as all other meals but with asian rice.
  • Late night snack, either a shake or teaspoon of peanut butter.

Let us know how you do and if you have any questions. There are plenty of videos on the site that show exercises etc for you to follow.

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